Sunshine and Potting flowers

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Last weekend was truly beautiful! After what felt like a 5 month winter (I blame you GoT fans with the constant “Winter is coming!”) I just couldn’t resist being outside and getting some well needed jobs ticked off! For one, my lawn was so long I felt like I needed to mount an expedition to discover the new forest that it had grown into!

I bought some spring/summer flowers to add some much needed colour around the edges, as much as I love growing fruit and vegetables In these few months before everything is in full bloom, my garden can seem a little… bland!

With that in mind, on Saturday morning I traveled to the next town to spend some time with family, and walked up to the local garden center (on of my favourite pass times).

During my browse, I found these beautiful flowers, I picked a selection of different flower types and went for a white and pink / dark pink colour scheme – this was mainly because (although you can’t really see it here – might be able to if you enlarge the fist picture) This is where my raspberry is growing, so I thought it would complement the berries nicely.

Following this theme I also planted one of my rubarb plants at the end – which will be next to my greenhouse when it’s built.

Talking of my greenhouse, after my last post about how to build your own greenhouse P3 , I had to have a bit of a break from it. My weekends were either too wet or we had other plans, then my other half and I had our Honeymoon. So it has been somewhat delayed, but I have made plans to work on it again this weekend with the help from family. I have also purchased some membrane and plastic ready for when we worked on it again!

I have cut and loosely laid the membrane down ready for the weekend too. Ideal I would like to build the greenhouse directly in the dirt, allowing me to plant some plants directly in the greenhouse, but the patch has got a lot of weeds that have been comfortably growing for countless years, so I plan on having membrane then laying fresh compost down – at least to start!

The final thing i did was a general tidy around the vegetable patch and patio. This mainly consisted of de weeding the pathway and patio, but one thing I managed to do was add a border to the vegetable patch. My ultimate plan is to make it into a raised bed. I used some of the left over reclaimed wood I had from my greenhouse project to create one wall. I just need to add the other 2-3 when I can get hold of some more.

All in all I had a fab weekend outside, something I have been looking forward to all year!

What jobs did you get ticked off last weekend? Do you have any planned for this weekend? I would love to hear from you.

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