Visiting Cressing Temple

Visiting Cressing Temple

It may come as no suprise, but i LOVE being outdoors. One of my favourite things to do on a day off is to spend it outside, whether that is in my own garden or visiting some great stately home and its grounds. There is just something about wondering around, where you can forget about the outside world and just be surrounded by the noises of nature.

Back in July, I went along to a local food festival at Cressing Temple. It was right in the middle of summer and the day was absolutely glorious! Cressing Temple is not exactly a large venue, but the crowds were well managed and everyone was in good spirits! One of my favourite parts of the venue is their walled in garden!

It doesn’t take long to walk around, but there is certainly plenty to see. The garden boasts at being one of the few tudor pleasure gardens in the country. The gardens are laid out in intricate patterns that were often seen in tradition tudor gardens, as well as a water fountains and a viewing platform.

July is a truly beautiful time to visit the gardens, all the flowers are in full bloom and the contrast of the bright blue sky and the luscious green foliage is just amazing.

Cressing Temple itself is known for its unique buildings and gardens and was originally given to the Knights Templar in 1137. With its Grade 1 listed Barley and Wheat barns which were built in the 13th Century the venue has a lot of history. They often have people around showing visitors how the barns would have been used back in the tudor times, including how the wheat was ground and plants in the gardens were used, which makes this a great spot to take the kids. It is also free to get in, unless there is an event on – double bonus!

For more information on Cressing Temple Barns or if you would like to visit, click here to visit their site.

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