What to do with a Bullet Journal

Last year I was introduced to the wonder that is ‘Bullet Journals’, a form of planner that mixes bullet points, doodles and diary entries to produce a fast and easy way to bring organisation to your daily lives.

The best thing about the bullet journal, is there are no rules! You can be as creative, or un-creative as you like – you can adapt it to any lifestyle!

I am still pretty new to the world of journaling, but one thing I found really useful was to follow people with Instagram accounts dedicated to it! It is a great way to get inspiration – below are just a few  of my favourites;



 A truly beautiful instagram account to follow – primarily weekly page layouts, but the detail that has gone into them is amazing.


 A mix of weekly spreads and amazing fill pages, the artwork is breathtaking.


Primarily a daily/weekly spread with trackers for different things, such as fundraising and gift lists.


Pages filled with daily entries, accompanied by little illustrations. The detail on each page really shows how much has gone into creating it.

My first year was mainly dominated by wedding related pages, and weekly spreads dedicated to keeping track of my food diary. I want to be a little more relaxed in 2018, concentrating on monthly spreads, my goals for the year and project ideas,  I also plan on using my journal for keeping track of films we want to see, and books i want to read.

I would love to hear what other people use their Bullet Journals for ? Leave me a comment below.

and you’re welcome along for the ride!

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